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Wed Jul 21 17:55:37 EDT 2004

I read recently (don't remember where) that VoA was negotiations with a mid west company to start a Bio-Diesel production facility here in the US. I don't know how close or soon anything might be happening but I is at least a positive sign.
A while back I looked at and inquires about a 2.5L 5 cyl Audi TDI engine on e-bay. It was new not used and came complete with the injection system incl. ECU and harness, alternator, intake, exhaust, turbo, etc... i think it went for over $3k but I'm not sure. My thoughts at the time were of a turbo diesel 4kq.

Cody Forbes <cody at> wrote:

> I'm chiming in to also mention the very real (and growing in popularity in
some parts of the US) option of bio-diesel. Amazing stuff. It is made from
plants that grow in places like Iowa instead of oil from the mid-east, and
the lubrication issues are solved as well. For fear of touching off a
political firestorm, I'll say no more ;-)
> Direct Audi content--there are rumors the next Audi sportscar (R9?) may be
a tdi engine powered car instead of gas with FSI.
> I would love a (bio)diesel tdi engine powred quattro for a daily driver.

Vegetable oil. Any diesel can be easily converted to run on vegetable oil
with the simple addition of a pre-heating canister, though I've heard that
Mercades TD engines have issues with clogging the injectors, and some have
concerns bout the newer electronic direct injectors.

-Cody Forbes

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