re. I may be an idiot (and need your help)

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Jul 22 00:03:29 EDT 2004

Looks like it may be one of the brackets ( in very good condition) that tie the intake manifold to Exhaust manifold, although I thought they wer just straight tabs of metal.    I'll look on the engine I just pulled tommorrow to see if I can find it.


p.s. anyone need a perfectly good running CGT engine, or one from a 4KQ for that matter - pulled to install turbo & NG engines.

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Subject: I may be an idiot (and need your help)
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In the (overly) long process of doing a timing belt on the Coupe, I've gone
on several tangents.  Lots of cleaning & degreasing, stripped & and replated
many underhood parts, did a light polish job on the intake manifold,
repainted valve & TB covers, getting ready for euros, etc, etc, etc.  The
short version: while running fine, its been two months since the car has
been whole.  And I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this

So...what the heck is this part that I cleaned up, zinc plated, and
completely failed to label?  It has no part number stamped on it:

Jonathan Monetti (chagrinned)
2002 A4 1.8tq
1987.5 CGT]

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