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Well, I for one was in favor of the PP model, as it was supposed to have the 7-passenger seating that the Touareg doesn't - but just saw in a car mag this week, a apicture of stretched 7-passenger Touareg that may be available next year (?).... Those of us with more than 2 kids, who really need that third-row seat, are out of luck with new VAG products currently....

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Ti Kan <ti at> wrote:
Steve R writes:
> With all the positive interest from us Audi people, what's in Audi's plan.
> Didn't I read something like a Pikes Peak model.

The original Pikes Peak show car was based on the Touareg/Cayenne chassis,
but Porsche apparently would not agree to an Audi version. Hence,
Audi had been talking to Ferrari/Maserati about a joint venture on
that front. I think that means if it ever comes to fruition it would
be quite a bit in the future. By then the SUV craze might have
waned and the project may never see the light of day. Which is just
fine by me... I really don't think an Audi SUV is such a great idea
anyway. Audi should stay with its core value of building sophisticated
and stylish performance sedans, coupes and wagons.

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