Safety glass NOW under water

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Fri Jul 23 12:54:23 EDT 2004

Brett:  While the continuation of your explaination covers this, I'd be 
willing to bet the electrics would short out under water, so unless the driver had 
the presence of mind after impact to "put down the windows", I'd say its wait 
for the cabin to fill up so the equallized pressure allows a door to open.  
(one that's not damaged in the impact.)

Granted you'd "swim" out the window if you got it down.  No expirence, but I 
did watch Fear Factor

> once the car has flooded, you open the door and swim out.  All the 
> electrics in a car continue to be powered for quite some time, even 
> after the car has become completely submerged.  Nevermind that modern 
> cars don't sink instantly, because they're reasonably well sealed at 
> the doors and such.
> Failing that, just wait for the car to flood(this will happen pretty 
> quickly), and open the door.
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