Safety glass NOW under water

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> Brett:  While the continuation of your explaination covers this, I'd be
> willing to bet the electrics would short out under water, so unless the
driver had
> the presence of mind after impact to "put down the windows", I'd say its
> for the cabin to fill up so the equallized pressure allows a door to open.
> (one that's not damaged in the impact.)
> Granted you'd "swim" out the window if you got it down.  No expirence, but
> did watch Fear Factor

It's surprising but true, low current 12v circuits still work when totally
submerged in water. Granted, you'd not want to run them for too long and
you'd need to strip & rebuild them if you wanted to use them again.
The difficult thing is getting out of the window - years ago in a snowstorm
I put a car into a 8' ditch, it laid there on the drivers side, gradually
filling with freezing cold water. Released my seat belt (not easy at that
angle) and had the sense to open the passenger window but I couldn't get
enough leverage to push myself out. Eventually, by bracing my feet on the
trans tunnel I managed to open the passenger door - rather like the hatch on
a tank - and climb up to the side of the road.
Maybe it would have been easier had the ditch been full and deep enough for
me to swim but it's not something that I'd like to try again.


Jim Haseltine.

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