Euro H1/H4 installation (CGT)

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Fri Jul 23 22:54:26 EDT 2004

Bear with me--this is my first toe in the water of euro lighting.

I bought a set of H1/H4's, and they've been in the attic for a while.
Brought them down, and with the front end of my car mostly disassembled,
realized what most of you probably already know...they don't "just fit."
Silly me.

What's the secret?  The $200 trim package from Europrice?  Is there a less
expensive source, or a good home-grown method?

I also realized that my problems are compounded in that one of the tabs on
the right headlight is broken off.  And it's the important one, a boxed-out
tab that receives a body screw from above.  I've seen a lot of these being
sold on eBay with broken tabs, so like a schmuck assumed it would be easily
dealt with.  Any BTDT's?

I figure the lightning and thunder in NJ this week is the Audi Gods mocking
my bravado, since I was feeling pretty good about myself after a successful
TB change.

1987.5 Coupe GT

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