getting out of upside down car

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Sat Jul 24 00:01:08 EDT 2004

At the Audi Winter Driving School in Austria they have a car (an A4 when I
was there) that is mounted on some sort of rotating jig. It is set up to
teach people how to get out of a car that rolls over without breaking your
neck. I was lucky to be one of the example students...

You basically are suspended by the seatbelt, so you bring your legs up and
press against the dash with your feet, pushing your back firmly into the
seat back. Then, undo the safety belt. You then place your arms/forearms on
the roof (which is now the floor) and slowly release pressure with your
legs, almost rolling to the "ground". This way you don't just undo the belt,
drop on your head, and become paralyzed (which is the common problem in many
rollover accidents).

Very cool, very enlightening...and I hope I never have to use this skill.


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> years ago in my younger and even more foolish days i
> used to rally a mark 1 cortina which ended up on it's
> roof...i was unhurt until i undid my belt and fell on
> my head, i got out by kicking the windscreen out

> Mike

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