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DGraber460 at DGraber460 at
Sat Jul 24 01:31:28 EDT 2004

Just saw a Lexus commercial trying to look very URQ-like, with their car  
(IS-300?) going through what "appears" (obviously staged) to be a  WRC course, 
claiming that you will know good handling when you see it, and  the car going 
through a lot of mud, dirt, etc.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. 
It's sort of nice to be copied 25 years later by a high end  manufacturer.
Has anyone (URQ dudes) encountered (engaged) the latest VW version of the  
GTI? are these cars badged from the factory? These 2 have no badging,  and I'm 
relatively sure they are not the R32. There are 2 young lions  around my 
environs that seem to be real anxious to put the old black URQ in it's  place. More 
then once. The old black beast has held high the Audi banner so far,  but as 
soon as the kids figure out that carrying 2 extra of their friends might  be 
the difference, the tables could turn. Fortunately we have had cool moist  
weather for Colorado which plays to my hand.
The reason I ask is that I can't find a write-up on those cars. What's  their 
0-60 time? Aren't they running 1.8T motors?
If you haven't seen the Sept. issue of EC, check it out! There is an  article 
(which I haven't fully read yet) about the Dahlback A4. 530 HP with  500 
lb-ft torque 4 cylinder! WOW!
Gotta get me one of those!! (someday)

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