Windshield cards and etiquette

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sun Jul 25 23:07:59 EDT 2004

How do you like the "presorted standard mail" in your mailbox?  The
unsolicited announcements in your daily e-mail?  I'd say have a card handy
if you get to talk to an owner and (s)he expresses interest.  If I get
something stuck under my windshield wiper, I wonder whether the inserter
mistreated the wiper blade.

At 07:54 PM 7/25/2004 -0700, Andrew Buc wrote:
>For a few years now, I've been laser-printing basic information about
> (the URL, the benefits) onto blank business cards and leaving
>them under the windshield wipers of parked Audis. I got the idea from
>recruitment flyers that I used to have printed for various marque clubs I
>belonged to pre-Internet.
>A while back I left one of these cards on the windshield of an existing
>who commented on it, on either the national or the Pacific NW list. At that
>point I offered to email the Word file to anyone who wanted to produce and
>distribute the cards, and I got a few takers.
>I recently left a card on a 5000,  and when I got 6 or 8 feet away, the owner
>came into view and got rather surly about my having left it. I threw the issue
>out on the chit-chat forum of another, totally non-car-related website,
>mentioning by name, and sentiment pretty much ran against me. A
>couple of the comments were, "My car is my personal space, and that's an
>invasion. That's like the sticking the card down the front of my shirt without
>my leave," and "Why should I have the burden of disposing of the card?"
>Any thoughts on this? Should I (and anyone else doing it) quit doing it? I
>certainly don't want to give the site a black eye.

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