10v Coupe GT engine cut out

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Jul 26 22:11:17 EDT 2004

> Interesting...  Anyone else here had a coil that killed a bunch of 
> ICM's?  How could a coil even do that to an ignition control module?  I 
> thought I had a "spare" coil from my 83 that I could swap with my 85, 
> but with almost ever other part on the 85, it's been "updated" so it 
> doesn't work... the 83's coil wire conenction is empty, where as the 
> conenction in the center of the coil for the 85's has a pin standing up 
> in it that the coil wire snaps on to...  

All you need is an approriate coil to dist. wire - some of them are 
compatible with both systems.  The updated coil/dist connection style, I 
think, provides a better contact, but they both work.

> I hate the fact that half the things that seem like you could swap 
> don't let you... the seats mounts on the floor are mirror imaged...  

You can still use them, though, by swapping the parts "under" the seat 
itself, btdt a few times I think...

Huw Powell



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