Crank Position sensor

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Jul 28 15:15:38 EDT 2004

> I'm trying to chase down a no spark situation on my 88 80q. In
> speaking with a mechanic, he informed me of a crank position sensor
> that could be my culprit. Can any one tell me where this is and
> possibly how to test it ?

There isn't a crank position sensor per se on your car, but the Hall 
sender on the distributor does tell the ignition computer when to fire a 
spark.  These are a bit prone to damage, breakage, esp. to the small 
wires that are between the connector and the pickup itself inside the 
distributor.  You might take a look at that and see if anything is amiss.

Also, the ignition computer is hidden under the passenger side kick 
panel (just ahead of the door), and can get damaged if there are any 
water leaks running down into that area.

Huw Powell

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