Crank Position sensor

Joshua Van Tol josh at
Wed Jul 28 23:09:31 EDT 2004

The 5ktq is different than the 80Q. Somewhat different engine 
management. The 5k uses two crank position sensors, and a cam phase 
signal. The 80Q uses only the hall sensor in the distributor.
On Jul 28, 2004, at 9:49 PM, George Harris wrote:

> Huw: Is the 88 80Q different from the '87 5KTQ? The 5K has the crank 
> position sensor on the clutch housing on top, to the left (driver's 
> side) of the block.
> Huw Powell wrote:
>>> I'm trying to chase down a no spark situation on my 88 80q. In
>>> speaking with a mechanic, he informed me of a crank position sensor
>>> that could be my culprit. Can any one tell me where this is and
>>> possibly how to test it ?
>> There isn't a crank position sensor per se on your car, but the Hall 
>> sender on the distributor does tell the ignition computer when to 
>> fire a spark.  These are a bit prone to damage, breakage, esp. to the 
>> small wires that are between the connector and the pickup itself 
>> inside the distributor.  You might take a look at that and see if 
>> anything is amiss.
>> Also, the ignition computer is hidden under the passenger side kick 
>> panel (just ahead of the door), and can get damaged if there are any 
>> water leaks running down into that area.
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