NAC!! WMB 3series convert. experience?

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Thu Jul 29 15:26:24 EDT 2004

IIRC, what you want to do there is find a 325E (actually a 2.7) motor cheap,
then slap on a 325i head. You end up with a 2.7L frankenmotor that revs.
Read it in GRM once upon a time. I'm sure this mod is all over the Bimmer

Cheers, Brady

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Anyone have experience/advice on buying a '87-91 3 series convertible?
(Un)fortunately, that's what the wife much as I try to convince
her that dropping a 1.8t into a Rabbit Pickup would be WAY cooler!

I love the old 2002's, and my dad had a dead nuts reliable 320i.  In any
case, I figure at this vintage, it's Door Handle Part II: The Bimmer.  Time
to get friendly with a bimmer wrench.


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