So how does one take off a door on a 4kcsq?

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Inside the door, there are bolts that hold it on (if I remember it
correctly). You'll have to take the door panel off, and possibly the window
channel-although I don't remember that being necessary.

Tony Hoffman

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Subject: So how does one take off a door on a 4kcsq?

The outside door trim on my '86 4kcsq is pretty beat up so the easiest
solution I can see, given that I will be re-painting my car within a month,
is to take the door off from my '85 parts car and put it on this one.
Problem is, unlike every other car that I have worked on, which had door
hinges attached to the frame with bolts, this car has nothing even close to
that. Looking at the door I cannot see how it could possibly be removed. The
only thing that I can see is the pin in the hinge which may have been
pressed in there. I tried tapping it with a punch-out tool and a hammer, but
it didn't seem to move. How are the doors supposed to be removed?


Tyson Varosyan
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