Real-world value of A4 Quattro Sport?

Wylie Bean TheRingmeister at
Tue Jun 1 12:52:25 EDT 2004

probably contractual.  I hadn't been on there in about a year so I guess I
should have verified my source before commenting on that.  Either KBB is
paying them to use it, or it's costing them less to pay KBB to link to their
site than it was to link to
BTW, there is no "free" way of using blackbookonline like used to
It's still "the" most up to date source on the web.  Sites like KBB and
Edmunds have been purported to be updated only once or twice in a 6 month
period, if that.
Also, there's no "click here for your check" button on any of these sites,
so when someone used to come in to the store saying "the internet says my
trade is worth $XX.xx....." I used to ask them to show me the "we'll buy it
now for that much" button on that website.

...obviously a short conversation, but an educated consumer is usually
better off regardless.

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Eric Kissell wrote........." I wonder why changed from Black to

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