Quaife diff in early coupe?

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Just install the new diff shouldn't be a big problem as long as you are very
careful and follow the book procedures. The transmission itself is another
Things to make sure while doing it (most common sense):
1. Replace all the seals and bearings you are dealing with during the
process. You know that this is a cheap insurance.
2. Have some spare shimms on hand.
3. The book says to measure couple of times the position of the diff from
different angles. This is the key, if the measurements aren't on the specs
you'll have problems. Measure them several times and couple more. When I get
to a point like this I normally call a day after being satisfied with the
numbers, go sleep and measure again next day, but this is me.
4. Buy new bolts for the crown.


This is a messy job, like you don't know that either.

Later and good luck,


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As I am doing an MC conversion in an '83 GT COUPE(non-Quattro)  for someone,
I was asked if it made sense to install an LSD eg. Quafe differential.  It
does seem to make sense, and now would seem to be the time to do it.

I am reluctant to touch the inside of a tranny basically due to fear of the
unknown.  I'd appreciate getting some input on level of difficulty on this,
or is this something that should be left up to a specialist.

Any merits for doing this.  Caveats and BTDT?

Also, assuming this needs to be farmed out, I may need to find someone in
the Balt./ Wash D.C./ Annapolis area, so appreciate any leads.


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