Bypassing the blowby gas system to a catch can?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Jun 2 21:14:53 EDT 2004

At 9:03 PM -0400 6/2/04, Huw Powell wrote:

>Couldn't one use some sort of filter, like a compressed air water 
>filter, to trap that oil before it gets into the intake tract?

Yes, one can be made from brillo pads and a suitable container with 
two connections.  There's also something rather similar made by VW 
that was on some cars- a lister sent me a photo and P/N once, it's 
buried on my system somewhere.  It's kind of small, not sure how 
effective it would be on a tweaked audi motor.  That's the cheap way.

   The expensive way is an air-oil separator, which is made by 1-2 
companies for the aircraft market; aircraft engines tend to blow a 
LOT of oil out the crank vent since they run at full load most of the 
time; heavy oil consumption is the norm.  The air-oil separator 
condenses nearly all of the oil vapor and returns it via a drain 
line.  They cost over $200, I think....and when I asked them if 
they'd be interested in sales to automotive users, ie a group buy- my 
emails were repeatedly ignored.  The positioning of the inlet and 
outlet was also less than convenient.

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