LRP Memorial Day races

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Wed Jun 2 22:36:32 EDT 2004

Audi fans........Did I stumble onto a treat like those of you who went to LRP 
for the race.  I was walking through Circuit City Tuesday looking at the hi 
Def TV's when the race was shown on HD net TV.  Unreal picture!  Seductive 
RS6's.........Whata show!  
Two cautions (that I saw), and two offs for the final yellow (the Porsche was 
wayy off (as Brett mentioned) but there was a Vette/Viper off in two which 
warranted the tow truck during the second (I saw) yellow hence the finish under 
caution.  Great camera angles and a totally different prespective from driving 
around the track.

They, Pobst/Galati, used an interesting approach, they slid the cars into 
corners (a bit) where they could hook up with traction.  Once the teammate did 
this the other passed him and used the technique to victory.  I'm paraphrasing 
what they said in the interview after the race.

Interesting they only used the concrete adhesion patches in Big Bend (1 & 2) 
instead of the double apex line or the outer rim which we teach as a wet line.

I wasn't sure if it was due to the weather, rain, or that every car there 
cornered on rails and they probably would have been cut under by those 

The Caddys looked fast too.
Thanks for the Bandwidth - Scott by BOSTON

> Brett wrote:
> Pobst/Galati, 1/2 finish!  Last few laps were under caution- I have 
> no idea why, but the SCCA decided that a guy who went off in Big Bend 
> REALLY needed to be moved(he was way off) AND that they had to send 
> out a truck etc.  Why they didn't leave him be and let the race 
> finish is beyond me...anyway...

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