2.8 12v oil consumption-burning oil

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Wed Jun 2 23:30:39 EDT 2004

Hey q-listers, help me save my audi faith before I start looking at volvo's!

I have had (2) different 2.8  12v's in my possession over the past year '94 
(150k miles) & '95 (125k miles).  Both of them have shown excessive oil 
consumption, burning it and blowing it out the exhaust.  What's the deal, I take it 
I'm not alone here?  Diagnosis and estimated repair procedure/costs to resolve 

I have owned numerous 4cyl & 5cyl Audi's with high mileage and have always 
thought the engines were bulletproof based on my experiences with these cars.  
Never seen these sort of problems.  I guess I shouldn't have assumed this 
quality would transfer to the V6....  I'm reluctant to buy another one....  Perhaps 
a volvo wagon for the wife instead????

B. Parenteau
Quincy, MA
'87 4ks
'90 200T
'94 100s wagon (for sale, guess I'll have to keep it)
'95 A6 wagon (going back to dealer w/numerous problems)

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