Edward R. Wendell IV erwendell at
Thu Jun 3 20:03:45 EDT 2004

I'll put the flame suit on and say "Hell Ya". That's the first truck 
I've seen that I would actually pay money for. Ok, so its a 20v and 
they're rare but It looks to be a good job. I would think that if the 
welding was done properly you'd have decent structural integrity. I 
wouldn't  go throwing a bunch of bricks in the back of it but it's at 
least as functional as a lot of the so called utility vehicles that are 
cluttering up the roadways already. The general shape reminds me of the 
Ford and Holden "utes" that the blokes "down under" drive around. I'm 
not sure why it never caught on here and the El Camino and Ranchero 
disappeared. I guess if your vehicle doesn't give the impression that 
it can run over everything in it's path it's not worth having.

Roy Wendell
Clarksburg WV USA
86, 87 5kcstq
87 MR2 times 2
Three turbos, two quattros, too much fun

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