CGT MC Turbo intercooler options?

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Fri Jun 4 20:26:08 EDT 2004


I know Martin Pajak was able to shoehorn a stock MC
intercooler into a CGT. You might want to contact him
although I don't have an email. He has a website
somewhere too.

--- Ben Swann <benswann at> wrote:
> BTW - did I recall that someone had cut a stock
> intercooler to shorten it.  If this is possible to
> do sucessfully, then that could be a solution.  
> So, has anyone ever cut a stock intercooler and
> replaced the end cap to shorten the intercooler -
> and had it actually work?
> Ben
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>   As I stare at the CGT getting ready for this
> undertaking (or was that the undertaker?) - I am
> dumbfounded (or found dumb for taking this on) that
> there really is no easy way to mount the stock MC
> intercooler.  I kind of knew that, but had read that
> it was possible.  
>   So I need to find what can be done.  I have read
> through some of the other turbo conversion sites,
> and mainly need to know what can be done to fit an
> intercooler - if need be procure a smaller one to
> fit.  The great writeup on:
>  indicates that an MC intercooler could be used, but
> I don't see how - that would be great as I have
> several of these.
>   I must retain a working AC, so compressor deletion
> this is not an option, although I will swap the
> compressor and alternator to use the MC setup.
>   If anyone knows which cars use smaller
> intercoolers that I might try to find in local
> boneyard or other BTDT, even a source for
> aftermarket IC's LMK please.
>   Ben
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