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Sat Jun 5 16:27:56 EDT 2004


I purchased a Alpine changer for my wife's
Acura for $60 off of E-bay. The only difference between it and Acura's
was pins 2 and 8 were switched. This is how they get you to buy their
changer for big bucks.  I switched  pins 2 & 8 on the cable back and it
worked great.  I would assume Audi does something similar to Acura.
I would find what radio manufacturer make
the changers for Audi and buy the same model off of E-bay.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

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> I've been looking on ebay for some CD changers for my A6, but the audi
> changers are about $250.  I'm a college student, so i'm on a bit of a
budget.  I was
> just wondering if anyone knew where I could get a CD changer for pretty
> (maybe a bit over $100) without losing too much quality.  Thanks
> Kyle
> 95 A6
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