HELP! How to Install Camshaft Seal??? (I-5 motor)

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Sun Jun 6 12:34:42 EDT 2004

Ameer:  I just watched two of these things done this weekend with the special 
tool.  The tool is critical and seemed to justify the $90 or so price of the 
tool.  Especially since you could borrow one from a lister for $20 or so.  
Even buy it and rent it back out to difuse the cost.

Either way:  Notes I made.
I have video and pictures of these steps.  From memory:
One seal is pressed in where the 3 o'clock position was deeper than the 9 
This weeped............and was replaced this weekend.
Ray noted there is a ridge or step on the crank.  If you push the seal in too 
far it will double over on itself because of the ridge/step.  Also it may be 
worn away by something in contact inside the block?

This whole proceedure took about 20 minutes and the tool had a plastic depth 
to make a perfect alignment.  
I have photos if you want to double check your seal depth.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> From: Ameer Antar <antar at>
> Thanks for the advice Brian, I was finally able to get the camshaft seal on 
> pretty easily without folding over th inner lip.  I loosened the cam bearings 
> a bit to control how far the seal went in, backing up a little if it started 
> to fold over. It seems pretty tough to do w/o the tool if the bearings are 
> tight.
> At first I had a little trouble tightening the cam gear bolt. The allen key 
> trick may have worked for me when loosening it, but it won't work for 
> tightening since it's the other direction. I made a simple cam locking "tool" out of 
> a 4" piece of flat stock. One end has a hole for the top alternator mount 
> bolt and the other end has a hole for a bolt and nut which is used to stick in 
> between the cam gear arches to keep it from moving. The nice thing is I'll be 
> able to use this for taking the cam gear bolt off and on w/o worrying about 
> slipping. Just thought I'd share the experince.

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