Picture needed from Limerock Park

Bob D bob at audisport.com
Tue Jun 8 08:27:42 EDT 2004

I got a request from Randy, can anyone help?

Hey, Brother Bob, enjoyed the "gang" photo, thanks! Great seeing you 
again, lets get together soon.

I've had a request from a fan for a photo.  Your image #0013, as I 
recall, from the website, shows me standing next to a woman with 
shoulder length dark wavy hair, in front of our Audi paddock.  I 
remember grabbing her from the crowd, and posing for a shot.  Do you 
have a shot of me posing with my arm around her?  Do you remember what 
other photographers were there at that moment?  Maybe Mark Weber, Juha, 
Tim Crete of Champion?  She wrote my website and asked for the photo.

Thanks for your help,


This is the picture in question:

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