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Wylie Bean TheRingmeister at
Tue Jun 8 22:01:34 EDT 2004

Lee wrote:

> Yep, stock exhaust. 3.0 has twin exhausts, changed from the single
> on the 2.8.

That is a nice looking car Lee, and sure to be handling better soon.  The
suspension change on the '02 cars from '01 is noticable in and of itself.
However, the 2.8 does have dual exhaust, at least the 30v versions (98 -01)
do.  they're just neatly tucked up under the bumper valence, instead of run
through it.  the bottom edge (lip) of the rear valence on the '02-> also is
flared out, making the entire car appear to be longer, even though it's not.

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