Wasp nest! Any good solutions out there?

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Thu Jun 10 19:21:54 EDT 2004

It's simple, Tony.  Have your wife do it.  :-D)))

At 04:18 PM 6/10/2004 -0700, Tony Lum wrote:

>Hey guys,
>My 87.5 Coupe GT was out of commission for while because of a bad fuel pump.
>Well I finally changed it last weekend and the car's driving great with much
>less fuel pump whine (Pierburg rubber encased pump).  The problem I have is
>that I've got a wasp nest embedded under the LF fender just beyond the
>bottom of the A pillar.  I didn't know it was there until I was working
>under the dash on some electrical issues when I heard a buzzing near my ear
>and that's when I saw the nest.  Its a little larger than a golf ball and
>the yellow jackets on it look fairly active.  I don't have a issue driving
>around because the door is completely sealed when closed but opening the
>door is a quick open and shut operation.  Anybody run into this?  I don't
>think I can spray poison into the body seam because I'd be breathing it
>while driving the car.  Or maybe should I poke the nest with a broom handle
>and then run like hell :^0
>87.5 Coupe GT mit wasp nest
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Middle of the road?  There is nothing in the middle of the road except 
yellow stripes and dead possums.

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