Introduction and some questions

Ben Doughney ben_d at
Fri Jun 11 01:32:26 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

I have just joined this list after buying a 1985 Audi 90 Quattro. I 
have wanted a 5 cylinder Audi for a while, but have never had the space 
for one until now (I have 4 VW's and some NSU's as well).

There seems to be a lot of info out there on the web for these cars, 
but I am a bit unsure what my car was called in the US? From the 
pictures I have been looking at it looks the same as a 4000? The reason 
I want to know is the Bently manual looks like it covers US models 
only- does anyone know how different they were to the European ones? 
 From what I can tell my car has a lot less emissions equipment on it, I 
am not sure of any other differences at this stage?

When I bought the car, it was running a bit rough, and it wasn't 
surprising really. I got it home, and pulled out the sparkplug wrench 
and found that all of the sparkplugs were loose! After tightening those 
up, and changing some of the sparkplug connector ends, it runs heaps 
better, and a lot smoother too.

I also found that the driveshaft was missing 4 bolts, and the remaining 
two were loose so it is amazing that I even made the journey home! I 
also found that the vacuum hoses were all hooked up wrong- they sort of 
went round in a circle, but weren't hooked up to any vacuum source 
along the way. I found the diagram under the bonnet (after I scrapped 
off some paint overspray) and hooked it all up, and it seems to run 
better when warm now.

The only problem I have, is that it wants to stall if I leave the 
vacuum advance hooked up. I have blocked it off for the moment, and it 
runs fine, but I think it could be related to the timing. I found two 
marks on the flywheel- one had a 0 for TDC and the other just a line. 
Should it be set to this second mark, and is it set at idle?

I think that is enough questions for now, I am sure I will have plenty 
more later on.

Ben Doughney

VW Owners Club New Zealand

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