super-rich running 5kt

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri Jun 11 12:43:34 EDT 2004

Patient is a 4000 with a '84(I believe) 5kt engine.  No cat, cone 
filter(I think?) supertrapp muffler.

-will not start when hot...even up to an hour later with the hood 
open.  Spark, fuel- but not even the slightest pop/catch.
-blows black smoke under acceleration
-usually needs quite a bit of throttle blipping to keep going- 
belches black smoke
-sucked fuel like no tomorrow on the highway
-plugs were pulled and not wet

-starts fine, although somewhat slowly, when totally cold
-once started with the metering arm pushed down with an allen wrench, 
and seemed improved, at least for a little bit, afterwards- idled 
fine, for example.  Like the plate was stuck or something.  Went back 
to its old tricks after some driving.

Any ideas?  Cold start valve was disconnected- no difference, still 
would not start.  Idle switch clicked loudly but was not checked for 
continuity, and it seems to idle fine when started cold.

Car was run VERY hard on the track for two days, and was reportedly 
not a dog, despite the intense heat(150 measured off the track 
surface at one point), but if not kept above 4k would get into 

Any ideas?  Frequency valve failure perhaps?

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