Car Stuck! Engine Coolant boiling over - All Fixed!

SJ syljay at
Sat Jun 12 21:04:56 EDT 2004

Patient: 90 100Q
Original problem: Coolant boiling over after 10 minute idle.
Most likely culprit per Listers suggestions: head gasket
Preliminary testing: Look for bubbles by substituting  clear hose for top
radiator hose, and substitute clear tubing for overfill hose . . .end of
tubing into bottle filled with water.
Test finding: small bubbles at start up . .. more bubbles as engine warms up
. . . Lotsa bubbles at 10 minute mark . . then boil over.

I replaced the head gasket. Problem solved. Took the car out for a long ride
on the highway. No problems.

Parts Costs:
$10    Antifreeze, 2,
$1.50 Thermal link Fuse, fan
$3.00 Exhaust manifold copper nuts, 13
$32.00 Downpipe flange nuts, 4 <Ouch!>
$4.00 Support, 2
$3.00 Washers, 10
$4.00 Bracket, Support, Injector fuel lines
$1.50 Screws, Allen, 2
$6.50 Studs, valve cover, 12
$12.50 Head bolts, 12
$60.00 Head gasket set
$5.00 Bracket
$3.00 Stud, exhaust manifold, 3
$3.00 Gasket, downpipe
$207 Fuel injectors, 5
$15 Stainless steel hardware
$10 Valve cover, junkyard

Total Parts: $381

I purchased a "warm air deflector plate" about 2 years ago. This is brings
in warm air when starting in cold weather. I put that on since the old one
had rusted to nothing. I dont recall what the price was . .about $30 I

The original head gasket metal seals were all oval in shape . . .about .030"
wider side to side than the fore and aft dimension.
A typical side to side diameter would be 3.290", and its corresponding fore
and aft diameter was 3.262.
There were no other indicators showing where the gas leak occurred.

The valve cover was badly rusted at the first 3 top nut locations. Water,
salt, etc accumulates in the cavity between the valve cover and the steel
strips. Over the years, the rust eats its way thru the metal. After I
cleaned the cover, and wire brushed it, I found severe rusting in that
cavity between the cover indents and the steel strip. It looked like someone
milled out grooves using a die grinder. The valve cover was perforated in 2
places. Got a good used one at the local junkyard.

While I had the injectors out, I decided to test them for spray pattern. No
two were alike. Car has 150K miles on it.
I tried cleaning them with various solvents and compressed air. The results
were not impressive so I bought 5 new injectors.
I'll play with the old ones and see if I can get them cleaned and all
working the same.

I cleaned, removed rust and painted lots of parts with POR 15.

The only problem now is a hesitation when stepping on the gas right after
starting a cold engine. The hesitation goes away after the engine warms up.
I dont recall having this problem before.
I suspect the problem has something to do with the plate position sensor in
the back of the fuel distributor.

85 Dodge PU, D-250, 318, auto
85 Audi 4k - - sold but still on the road
88 Audi 5kq
90 Audi 100q

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