5KTQ rear control arm bushings worlpack numbers

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Tue Jun 15 08:34:55 EDT 2004

The L2030-57490 is #2 on the blau diagram. Those are the same for both
sides (I know because I did them both on the '875KTQ and '91200q20v).
As far as #1 on the blau diagram (I've called the front bushing on the
rear trap arm), The earlier one is bonded to the cast "carrier" piece.
The outer "carrier" for that bushing is different for both sides. On
my '91, it seemed like the bushing wasn't bonded and came in 2 pices.
I think that the old bushing can be removed (even if bonded) and
replaced with the newer. I don't see any reason to buy that "carrier"
again. I did have a hard time finding the replacement bushings for
that. I think dealer was about the only place. Rod at TPC couldn't get
them and Chris at Force5 couldn't seem to get them either (though I did
get the rear-inner bushings from Chris at a nice price).
Another thing to consider, if the #1 bushings look OK, just keep them.
The #2 (rear-inner) are the main ones that wear out and will make a
big difference in how the car feels.


On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 21:09:07 -0400 (EDT), Kurt Deschler
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> APW diagram says "right inner" L2030-57490. Is the left different?
> https://www.autopartsworld.com/1987_audi_5000-qt_control-arm-bushing_parts.html
> Its part #1 on Blau's diagram
> http://www.audiquattroparts.com/5k%20rear%20suspension.jpg
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