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"If it looks like it, talks like it, walks like it, you got to call it what
it is - Fascism."
-- JFK the Movie.

I fled the former USSR in 1991 and remember well the KGB, passports
everywhere, people being arrested and held without charges, people reporting
on people - a true police state. I am afraid to see what is happening to my
new home... And all over what? "Global policy."

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Anytime that the majority,
the sheep, are scared shitless by the media, a few others will take
advantage. Like you said, freaks coming out of the woodwork.

I can only hope that reason will prevail but if history is to be consulted,
it will only get worse until we hit rock bottom and bounce back again...

In the meantime, buy an Audi, put a turbo in it, tune it to crank massive
horsepower and enjoy your bliss.

(The last sentence was put it in to keep the discussion on topic ;P )

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So, the NEQ was down a radio at the last event- the president had it
in his carry-on luggage and the TSA confiscated it.  Naturally, as a
glasses-wearing-white-haired-grandfather-from-vermont-white-guy type,
he's a real dangerous type.  He still hasn't been able to get the
($160+) radio back- it's probably long since been auctioned off at
that TSA facility down in Georgia, taken home by someone, or simply

Mind you- it's not even capable of receiving aviation, business, or
ham frequencies- it's FRS(ie Talkabout)/GMRS(General Mobile Radio
Service) only...both of which aren't even legally useable by the
government or businesses.  Why wasn't he allowed to simply check it
as luggage, after an explosives-swab-check, if they were so worried?

This is, to me, the straw that broke the camel's back.  The level of
paranoia in this country is absurd; all the policy/security nazis are
coming out of the woodwork and inventing the most non-sensical rules
you've ever seen, and bit by bit some sheep a TV crew dredges up
happily talks about how it's ok, because it makes him/her feel a
little bit safer in these "dangerous times".  I remember reading
about a pregnant mother who was forced to drink her own bottled
breast milk to "prove" it wasn't a biological agent to some goddamn
TSA pinhead.  Every day the US is reminding me of tales of 'old
soviet russia' more and more.  No travel without papers (if Tommy
Ridge gets his way, you won't even be able to get on the goddamn
SUBWAY without an ID check AND baggage screening!  WTF?!?).  Can't
photograph certain things (certain things including landmarks,
bridges, and most recently, subway systems).  Secret blacklists and
watchlists.  Undiscloseable searches of library and bookstore
records.  Anyone, US citizen or not, subject to arrest and indefinite
detention without any of the protection granted to us by the
constitution.  The list goes on and on.

I'm one of the editors of the Gripster(the chapter's newsletter) and
I think I just hit upon a subject for a nice column.  How The Club
Lost a Radio To Your Government.

Of course, then the NE chapter just might end up on a terrorist
organization list, right?  Hell, maybe I'll end up on one for this
post, wouldn't that be a gas.

Siiiigh.  I wonder how much it would cost to move to the Isle of Mann...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin
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