Total $@!#head Administration (on Topic)

mike mikemk40 at
Wed Jun 16 08:56:42 EDT 2004

Huw...I don't think it is inappropriate, for us in the
UK this list is one of the very few methods we have of
finding out that all yanks are not red neck bush
supporters (or patriotic clear thinkers) 

We too have had some of the most ridiculous and
restrictive "security" measures and laws introduced
since the twin towers and we have a "left wing"

As someone else said "use your vote"......Spain has
already done it, you get your chance in november and
we get our chance next year


--- Huw Powell <audi at> wrote: > 

> Please, my apologies to all of you who suffer this
> non-Audi drivel in 
> the morning at work... this is NOT the place to
> conduct this sort of debate.
> And, Emre, I realize we have a difference of
> opinion, unearthed by 
> Brett's inappropriate post.  If we need to contuniue
> this discussion, 
> let us do it in "private."  I will, out of judicious
> desire for pleasant 
> conduct, let you have the last word in this forum. 
> Any further reply I 
> will not suffer the list to endure.  That's not why
> we subscribe.
> -- 
> Huw Powell


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