rear caliper bolts when changing pads

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I believe the blue stuff is a thread locker, since they are such a small
bolt, for such a vital part on the car I guess the audi gods figured it
would be too easy for them to come loose, presumably a fresh drop of locker
would work.
However when I bought a set of cheap pagid pads for my 90q they came
complete with the bolts.

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(Sorry for this off topic post...)

What do people generally do about the caliper bolts
when changing rear brake pads on a car like the 95 A6q?

If you buy a pad set from the dealer, it comes with new bolts,
but most of the aftermarket pad sets don't come with them.
Do you reuse the old ones?
Do you buy new ones from the dealer?
Is there an alternate supplier?
What is that blue stuff on the threads of the dealer bolts,
is it anti-seize ? (a little :-))

I had a look at the family album and I think the bolts in question
are part number 321 615 141, bolt, hex head, self locking M8x21.

Does the average dealer even stock these?
I mean, if they come with a set of pads, what incentive would there
be for a dealer to stock more of them in their parts inventory?


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