rear caliper bolts when changing pads

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For the 15 years I've been working on cars (and brakes on my cars),
I've just re-used the brake bolts and used a couple drops of locktite
242. The main idea is to keep those things from vibrating loose. I
learned my lesson early on when I lost one brake retaining bolt. I've
used a thread locker ever since.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 15:38:47 +0100, Alan Pritchard
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> I believe the blue stuff is a thread locker, since they are such a small
> bolt, for such a vital part on the car I guess the audi gods figured it
> would be too easy for them to come loose, presumably a fresh drop of locker
> would work.
> However when I bought a set of cheap pagid pads for my 90q they came
> complete with the bolts.
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> (Sorry for this off topic post...)
> What do people generally do about the caliper bolts
> when changing rear brake pads on a car like the 95 A6q?
> If you buy a pad set from the dealer, it comes with new bolts,
> but most of the aftermarket pad sets don't come with them.
> Do you reuse the old ones?
> Do you buy new ones from the dealer?
> Is there an alternate supplier?
> What is that blue stuff on the threads of the dealer bolts,
> is it anti-seize ? (a little :-))
> I had a look at the family album and I think the bolts in question
> are part number 321 615 141, bolt, hex head, self locking M8x21.
> Does the average dealer even stock these?
> I mean, if they come with a set of pads, what incentive would there
> be for a dealer to stock more of them in their parts inventory?
> Franco
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