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Emre Washburn yumyjager at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 20:13:18 EDT 2004

Here here! Cheers to some one on the list with some decent grey matter
between their ears! It seems those not directly related to the attacks
on 9/11 have forgotten about the 3,000 PLUS dead AMERICANS, that
deserve to have their deaths to be cause to protect the lives of their
loved ones still on earth.

We live in a different world, and we can not expect to have the same
freedoms we have always had since the days of Paul Revere. It's just
not possible.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:35:28 -0400, Wylie Bean
<theringmeister at triad.rr.com> wrote:
> the same red neck (Mr. President to you sir) Bush supporters (and a lot of
> their children/grandchildren) that saved your (collectively, France,
> Holland, Germany, Italy, most of the rest of Euroasia)  necks about 60 years
> ago too, right?  How quickly we forget, or do they not teach History in the
> UK?  If to you (or anyone else) it means I'm a redneck because I support
> President Bush, then boy howdy' I'ma standin' proud.  I sleep better at
> night knowing there's a good chance my mom won't be killed walking into the
> Pentagon (like she nearly was) because a plane might be crashed into it.
> When someone crashes a plane into Buckingham Palace or #10 Downing, because
> nobody cared or even attempted to thoroughly check that the assailant
> carried a knife, bomb, etc onto a plane, don't come crying to the list, that
> is if you're lucky enough to not be one of the innocent victims either on
> the plane or on the ground near the impact.
> I know (and have family members) that were either/or.  I'll fly freaking
> barefooted/shirtless, and wouldn't mind if they made everyone do that for a
> while, if it means my mother/father/wife/son/daughter etc. is safer for it.
> I'm a Republican, Bush supporter, and I vote.  I encourage others to vote,
> even if they aren't of the same opinion/moral fiber as I, because that's a
> cornerstone of democracy.  I support PM Blair for his allegiance and efforts
> to curtail terrorism worldwide as well.  The appeasers in Spain will get
> reap what they have sown.
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