car shopping

jerry beer gsfent at
Wed Jun 16 20:17:40 EDT 2004

I vote for the older Avant. You have the newer version, so you should have
an idea what to look for in the way of problems/issues. You apparently are
not getting rid of the Bad Puppy, so take your time and go through and make
it reliable. The combo of AWD and I5 turbo motor is hard to beat. You can
chip and get some more power and you will have a car that goes anywhere,
anytime. The newer 100 is second, it is prob more reliable as it is newer,
but you will not enjoy driving it as much. V8?? You already have a 4 door
sedan. If you could make the V8 work, you can make the 89 200 work just as
well, so no vehicle shopping would be necessary.
Jerry'91 200qa

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