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Wed Jun 16 21:16:29 EDT 2004

Unfortunately, the rest of the world (free or not) has been dealing with
terrorism for a lot longer than the US has, and the US population has gone
along it's merry way. But once something bad happens to Americans, THEN it's
a major problem.

Hostage taking in the 60's, 70's, 80's rarely effected Americans. Bombings,
terrorism...none of it on our soil, and maybe resulted in a handful (outside
of Iran) of harmed Americans. But NOW it's a major deal because it happened
to the USA. I personally find THAT to be hypocritical.


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> Here here! Cheers to some one on the list with some decent grey matter
> between their ears! It seems those not directly related to the attacks
> on 9/11 have forgotten about the 3,000 PLUS dead AMERICANS, that
> deserve to have their deaths to be cause to protect the lives of their
> loved ones still on earth.
> We live in a different world, and we can not expect to have the same
> freedoms we have always had since the days of Paul Revere. It's just
> not possible.
> Emre

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