quattro Digest, Vol 8, Issue 51- car shopping

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Wed Jun 16 21:34:00 EDT 2004


Realistically, I'd go for the newer car. The C4 chassis has seemed
to be SOOOO much more reliable than the type 44. My friend
has nearly 200K on his '93 100CSQA 2.8V6 autobox, and the
only "major" problem it had was the climate control head (actually
turned out to be a servo, not the head) and the rear hatch window
spontaneously shattered one day last winter. That's it. BTW, the
4 sp autos of the C4 chassis are SOOOO much more reliable
than the 3sp autobox of the type 44.Really they're not the same,
and not an issue. As far as fuel milage, the A6 at least my friend's
quattro avant seems to get about 1 MPG less than my 200Q gets,
although I do tend to go faster than my friend does more regularly. 
And, it too requires at least 91 (R+M)/2  fuel. Bummer it's not a 
quattro, especially since it's a slushbox, but at least maybe it'll 
have more off the line pickup than my friends Q. I guess for snow,
you still have your 200Q or go for real aggressive Hakka's.

To summarize, in contrast to both your's and my type 44's, the
C4's are bulletproof. 

And BTW, I have found that my 2 months new to me S6 seems
to bear out the better reliability issue of the C4 vs 44. The only 
real problem with my C4 has been the locks and remote. 

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> Gentlepeople,
> I'm taking a job as a traveling sales person. My '89 200,
> with 237K miles on her, isn't big enough to hold all the
> samples, so I need a wagon.  Since it's a commission-only
> job, and I won't see a paycheck for 3 months, I'm bottom
> feeding. I was shopping for a mid-90s Passat wagon, but
> here's what I found:
> 1 - 1994 Audi 100 Avant, V6, auto, FWD, 138K miles, needs minor
> work. Will probably trade for my Miata for it. Good: newer Audi,
> clean.  Bad: FWD. Questionable: the automatic.

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