I tried to stay out of this, but.....

mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 17 14:15:49 EDT 2004

Wylie...a good response but consider:

1. The states only came into ww2 after pearl harbour
and to prevent the USSR getting hold of the german
rocket scientists, hence your space program.

2. No link exists between Saddam and WTC (latest
report out today i believe) neither have they found
any WMD which was the basis for the war. I don't think
these are the reason for the war....security of oil
supply is more likely which is why we will soon be in
KSA as well as the royal family there (US supported &
with a fine record on human rights & democracy) is

3. We have had planes bombed out of the sky in the UK,
the FBI/CIA pulled some US senators and a general off
the flight for some reason but choose not to share the
info......500 died.

4. We have also had bombs on the streets, we have the
IRA who have killed thousands over the years and are
largely funded by the Irish/American groups.

5. Huge numbers (and growing) in the UK (and i suspect
in the US) oppose the war and don't trust the
leadership, I feel we have been lied to and true
democracy means addressing that. I have no problem
with our (UK & US) troops fighting and dieing to
defend our countries but I'll be dammed if I'll
support it on the basis of the current twisted web of
lies and half-truths we are being fed.

6. None of the above is meant in any way at all to
diminish what happened at the WTC, it was a truly evil
act (words fail me) and the people behind it should be
hunted down to the ends of the earth, but to use it as
the basis for what has gone on since is just plain

7. Maybe you should think about why the states are so
hated in much of the world that WTC happened.


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