Advice for Pothole Claim in Massachusetts?

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Subject: Advice for Pothole Claim in Massachusetts?

Greetings Audiholics,

A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to putting on my summer wheels 
which are Porsche "Cup" alloys machined to a 45mm offset. They are about two 
years old, and I clean them every weekend. They look beautiful, which is 
probably the reason why after only two days of them on the car, I managed to 
nail the biggest pothole this side of the Mississippi, which is in the Fort 
Devens area in central Massachusetts on an on-ramp to Route 2 West. This was 
the mothership, and as I was hitting it, I thought for sure I would not only 
bend one of my sacred rims, but also blow the nice new rubber, too. Rubber 
survived, rim bent and doesn't feel to good (shakey, vibrating) when driving. 

I am furious that such a large pothole was not maintained. I would like to 
be compensated by someone (city, state?), but fear that it is a wild goose 
chase, as I don't know who is liable.

Anyone have any advice or relevant info they could share?

Much obliged,
Keith Bedard
Westminster, MA
'95.5 S6 with one beautiful but crooked Porsche wheel

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If it was on a onramp or offramp you would report it to your department of transportation if on a city road, report it to the city and tell them you expect to be reimbursed for the damage. But, most states require that the pothold have been reported before and not fixed. If you are the first to report it, they usually won't pay out. 

1987 CGT 2.3
SE Virginia

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