How do you tighten inner CV-joint bolts? (Type-44)

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Thu Jun 17 18:26:47 EDT 2004

Is your car a Quattro?  I don't know whether this applies, but just today I
was reattaching the REAR drive axles to the differential (took apart to
lower the diffy to replace the leaking fuel tank).  The Bentley-described
procedure was to lock the diffy and block the wheel on the other side.   I
used a block of wood against the lugbolts to stop the other wheel from
moving.  You can only get to a couple bolts at a time and have to turn the
whole set-up three times on each side in order to get all six bolts
torqued.  If your car is a quattro, you might try locking the center diffy
and then block the other side while using torque wrench.  Don't know what
you do if it's a FWD/Automatic.  Maybe have someone step on the brakes for
you????   I used a combination of extensions and a socket to hold the
triple square bit that was maybe 16 inches long. 

At 05:08 PM 6/17/2004 -0400, Ameer Antar wrote:
>I'm looking for advice or BTDT's on tightening the inner CV-joints in the 
>front of a 5kt. From the top, the engine mount brackets get in the way, and 
>from the bottom, the subframe is in the way. I was able to get at a few of 
>them by using a 12" extension, but the bit doesn't stay centered as I 
>tighten and I can't get the right torque w/ my wrench (59 ft-lbs. I 
>believe). The problem is also how to keep the wheel from turning. I don't 
>have a lift, but is that what I'll end up needing? TIA.
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