A4 ABS and Brake warning lights

alan page alan at flaminglogos.com
Fri Jun 18 02:10:05 EDT 2004


I found out that the mechanic did not do a VAG scan. I may take you up 
on the offer to use your tool, but the car is in White Plains, NY, 
where I work. I have a friend who bought a VAG-com for his 2000 VW TDI; 
I wonder if it is the same connector and software?

We did the "bomb" test of depressing the brake pedal after turning the 
car off and can only get about two presses of the pedal before it firms 
up. Seems like the bomb is about gone. If that is the problem, how 
dangerous is it for her to drive the car? Should we get it into a 
proper mechanic right away?


Alan, Im in CT, not too far from Newtown, Id be glad to help out. I 
it on my PC and thats what I pulled the codes in my sisters car with.

SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:

>Alan:  Find someone locally in CT who has the Vag-Com scan tool w/ 
>They can pull ABS codes.  May be cheaper than the dealer and send you 
in the 
>right direction.
>Tease:  Come pick me up N of Boston and I'll do it for you.  
>Catch:  You have to drive me past Lime Rock PArk into Amenia NY on 4 / 
>-Scott by BOSTON

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