A4 ABS and Brake warning lights

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Jun 18 02:23:57 EDT 2004

alan page writes:
> I found out that the mechanic did not do a VAG scan. I may take you up 
> on the offer to use your tool, but the car is in White Plains, NY, 
> where I work. I have a friend who bought a VAG-com for his 2000 VW TDI; 
> I wonder if it is the same connector and software?

Yes.  VAG-COM supports all VW/Audi cars' diagnostic interface.

> We did the "bomb" test of depressing the brake pedal after turning the 
> car off and can only get about two presses of the pedal before it firms 
> up. Seems like the bomb is about gone. If that is the problem, how 
> dangerous is it for her to drive the car? Should we get it into a 
> proper mechanic right away?

The A4 doesn't have a "bomb" (aka hydraulic accumulator), so that test
really doesn't apply.

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