How to replace Front Wheel Bearings?

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> (This next part was the tricky part for me, a helper is a really good
> Using 6 foot long pipe to pull down on control arm and disconnect ball
joint from bottom  of strut. Pipe goes in front of the strut base, over the
sway bar/track bar, and under the sub frame. Pull down on the end of the
pipe to pry the control arm down. I floor jack handle works but is a little
short for my taste.

**** I tried this method 4 years ago on my other car. It did not work. Two
men, big pipe, lots of oooomph . .. nothing worked.
Out of desperation, contrary to the Bentley instructions, I used a big wide
screwdriver. Insert it in the slot, tap it in to open the slot a few
thousands of an inch. Then use a pipe to pry out the joint.
I think the Bentley instructions are written for those with no appreciation
or knowledge of properties of materials. If you overdo the spreading, you
will crack the metal. It may be a small or fine crack, but over time it will
propagate and result in catastrophic failure.
As I recall my procedure, I pushed in a screwdriver till it stayed in place.
Then I tapped in the larger screwdriver till the first one dropped out. This
way I controlled the spread.
It didnt take much tapping to do the trick and seperate the joint.

> While still holding down on the control arm with the pipe pull the strut
base out away from the control arm.
> Hopefully the CV joint will pull out of the hub, you may need to drive it
out or push it out with puller.
> Once you have pulled the base of the strut out far enough you can let the
control arm up slowly until the tension is released.
> I then take a 6 inch long 4x4 and slide it up between the strut and the
inner fender to hold the strut out away from the control arm.

**** Since you have not loosened the strut top, no wheel alignment is
required afterward, correct?

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