Bearing noise, shift linkage.

Eyvind Spangen 200q20v at
Fri Jun 18 20:59:42 EDT 2004

I just bought an old Passat Syncro (Quantum Syncro for you US guys) and have
three questions.

1. I can hear a bearing noise coming from somewhere under the car, in the
middle or rear. It is almost silent except when I press the clutch to shift
at more that 40 mph. I can also hear it, but not that loud when I just
release the gas pedal. If I press the clutch when standing still, no noise.
That would indicate that it's not the clutch, right? I'm thinking either
driveshaft bearing or something inside the differential. I just changed the
oil on it, and the old oil looked fine, just a bit dark. The noise is

2. It is very hard to engage 1st, 2nd, 5th and reverse. I have to press the
shift lever really hard to the left or right to get it into those gears.
>From what I know, it's probably the ball joints on the small rod on top of
the the transmission, the rod that transfers the side-to-side-movement from
the shifter. Any experience?

Thanks a lot,
E. Spangen

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