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Fri Jun 18 21:30:06 EDT 2004

Was it an older model?  They've been around for a while, check this
message from the archives.


Politically charged tagline surfing in Nebraska, where it belongs.

Robert Myers <robert at> writes:

> I watched a show of The Science Channel this afternoon on armored 
> cars.  Their grand example was a gorgeous A8.  Really beefy looking 
> tires, 
> kevlar body panels, multi-layer glass/polycarbonate bulletproof 
> windows, 
> run flat tires, electrified door handles, smoke screen generator, 
> explosive 
> opening doors for rapid exit.  All sorts of 007 gadgets.  
> Interesting 
> car.  Not once, IIRC, was the word "Audi" mentioned.  I suspect this 
> show 
> will be repeated frequently in the next few days.

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