How to replace Front Wheel Bearings

Edward R. Wendell IV erwendell at
Sat Jun 19 21:34:55 EDT 2004

I'm jumping on board this one a little late so I apologize in advance 
if I'm just wasting bandwidth.

There was some discussion about difficulty in separating the ball joint 
from the hub carrier. I can't stress how much easier that job is if you 
unbolt the front sway bar so the the control arm can actually drop far 
enough. Just looking at it you'll have yourself convinced that the ball 
joint is stuck in place when the real problem is that the control arm 
isn't dropping far enough for the strut to reach the end of it's travel 
and stop the descent of the ball joint.

Also, if it wasn't already said, make friendly with a machine shop that 
has a press and a bunch of different diameter spacers. I couldn't see 
any other way of getting the bearing in and out without damaging it.

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