car shopping

tom winter tom at
Wed Jun 23 00:46:29 EDT 2004

Kent - It sounds like you've found a match.

Although given the info that slowly trickled out over the process, I had to
bite my tongue to not say, "Dude, buy a cargo van!".

Being a sales rep is brutal and you need space. In some locations, you also
need space that also prevents the general public from looking into your
space and all the expensive samples you're carrying. Keep a tarp handy to
cover the goods in the back of the wagon for those moments, especially if
the seats are folded down and the cargo cover won't do the job.

I wish you the best of luck. Sell tons of stuff, make a bunch of cash. And
when you're flush with coin and no worries, try a 5000cs tq avant (for your
soul, not for work).

Good Luck!


Oh, and I have a type 44. The alternator belt sure didn't seem to be a 10!
But - oh dear - have I become accustomed to the pain? Maybe it's time to
upgrade to the C4?????

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