New England Drags - Audi Night?

Marc Swanson mswanson at
Thu Jun 24 09:06:32 EDT 2004

> Hi all,
> I was at the drag races last night in Epping NH, and was chatting with a
> couple of really nice Audi people (sorry forgotten youre names allready -
> head like a sieve).
> Apparently this Friday (6/25/04) there is some kind of Audi gathering
> happening there. I did have alternative plans, but I can change them if
> something is happening.
> Does anyone out there know any more about this alleged event?

Correct, it seems that a bunch of Audi owners are congregating to New
England Dragway this Friday.  I'm planning on attending the
festivities.  My 4ktq isn't ready yet but it will be fun to run my stock
(as far as the engine is concerned) S6 to establish a baseline before
the major mods I have planned for next month.  Plus it is always fun to
see familiar faces and generally kick tires with other motor heads.

Nate has a thread on his forum ( about this:

-Marc Swanson-
95.5 //S6 Avant
87 4ktq
88 90q

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