car shopping

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Jun 24 09:06:56 EDT 2004

tom winter wrote:
> Although given the info that slowly trickled out over the process, I had to
> bite my tongue to not say, "Dude, buy a cargo van!".
> Being a sales rep is brutal and you need space. 

I thought about a Dodge Caravan, just for the room
and the fact that almost anyone can fix them. But
then I thought "being a sales rep is brutal and you
need ..." a decent place to sit and a nice car to
drive.  The Caravan just wouldn't cut it. With the
100 S Avant, all my samples fit in the back, with
some room to spare (for new product lines).

Mileage: I don't know what it is yet, but on day 2
I put another 300 miles on the car. Over 2 days, I
drove from Concord NH to Westport CT and back, then
down to Westfield MA on one tank of gas. I think I
can get about 500 miles on a tank.  I'm real happy
with that.  The boss puts about $50/DAY!!! into her
Chevy Trailblazer with Thule roof pod.  She carries
more stuff, but that's a steep gas bill.

'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"
'94 100 S Avant, 2a

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